The Downtown Market

When you come to  Sly Grog Lounge, you can also visit The DTM!

No one gets bored when they visit us!

Have a shop, drink, play a game, read a book or just relax.


DTM hatman adThe Downtown Market is one of Asheville’s coolest places to find affordable, distinctive and lovingly curated neat stuff for you and your home.  With over 65 different vendors procuring and making amazing things each day…you never know what you might find!  Everyday there are new, cool things coming in.  We all love what we do and love it when you find that thing you’ve been looking for!

We offer vintage, up-cycled, handmade and contemporary clothes, shoes and accessories. Each of our vendors has their own style, ranging from up to the moment, punk, vintage, antique, lacy, old school, elegant, artsy, unique, organic and outdoorsy.

We have a booth dedicated to children and baby wear, outdoor gear and one for men’s wear.

You can find magical, global  and pragmatic gift ideas, including  Local, Thai, Tibetan, Nepali, and South American clothing, jewelry, decor, art, home ware.

We offer gems, minerals and sacred objects .

Locally made and grown herbal body care products, incense, and essential oils.

Locally made candles made with reclaimed wax at an affordable price.

Local Art at an affordable price.

We have Locally made things and found stuff, mid-century, vintage and antique furniture, home decor and odds and ends etc.

Awesome selection of  vinyl records and  tapes, dvd and VHS movies, books, comics, geekery and oddities.

We also cater to the maker in you, offering lot’s of raw materials like fabric, buttons, found objects, paper, old photos, odds and ends and salvaged goods.

The designer and home decorator will find lot’s of cool stuff to make indoor and outdoor spaces unique and special.

We are always looking for artist, crafters, antique dealers and more to fill booth spaces.

We offer affordable rents and a friendly environment to sell in.

For more information on becoming a vendor or renting one of our office spaces please call Lance or Susie at  828-255-8858!


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