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  1. Greetings,
    I represent a band called Partials which is coming through Greensboro this Thursday. We are wondering if you may be able to add us to your bill for that evening in support of the groups you have booked. Partials is a Afrobeat/indie rock 6 piece local to Athens Ga. I can send an epk if yall think this could work and you could guarantee some sort of compensation. We would also be very grateful for a reference to any other respectable venues in the area who you may have some clout with. Thanks a ton!!


    Contact: Web:

    Genre: indie dance
    Hometown: Athens, Georgia
    Formed: Late 2014
    Influences: Tame Impala, Talking Heads


    Partial Cinema makes beautiful new sounds that get people dancing. We’re partway between Tame Impala and Talking Heads, and we like imagination more than exaggeration.

    We’re a band. And what we care about most is introducing you to new music.

    We’re recording a song every two weeks. We dig up thousands of musics and put them in a very small cauldron. Much of what goes in is psychedelic and danceable. Much of what comes out is ocean noise, but we’re working hard to make it something you’ll like.

    If you’re curious, we handmade our website so you can talk to us. It’s

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