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Sly Grog Lounge at 45 South French Broad Ave.  and has a new sneaky side entrance all it’s own!

We are a private club and all are welcome to join for a one time membership fee of $1.00

(See below for our membership policies)


3pm-2am Wed-Sun.

3pm-7pm Mon-Tue.

New Open Mic every Thursday from 8pm to ?!

Word night every other Wed.! 8pm-10pm

Games Against Humanity Night every Wed. 10pm to 1am

See our up coming music and events schedule for more fun stuff

Our library of cool geeky and eclectic books is here for your perusal or to buy!

Come have a drink with us….. and from 3pm to 7pm you also  shop the over 70 different  booths of new, vintage, upcycled clothes, accessories and jewelry, furniture, books, records, mid century coolness, outdoor gear,  costume wear and make-up, locally crafted herbal products, hand made candles, plants…and so much more….all in The Downtown Market!

We want to know your favorites, from the everyday staples to that wine or beer you just can’t find.

You can check our blog each week to read wine reviews and articles on craft beers from around the world.

 CALL US!  828-552-3155

Sly Grog Lounge Membership Policies

Sly Grog is a private club offering a comfortable yet refined atmosphere for drinks and conversation and as well as eclectic music, performance and social events.

Members may use Sly Grog as a place to have meet-ups and other social functions, with advanced notice to the bar staff and management.

Membership privileges apply equally to all members and include:

  • Attentive, friendly, and prompt service.
  • Admittance of up to three guests.
  • Invitations to exclusive membership parties and incentives throughout the year.

Membership Rules

We do not serve food at Sly Grog and by state law we must be a private club. Below is our membership policy.

  1. You must be 21 or older to apply.
  1. Only members in good standing, and their guests, shall be admitted to Sly Grog Lounge, hereafter referred to as “Sly Grog”.
  1. Anyone seeking membership must fill out a membership application and pay a fee of $1.00.
  2. All persons who agree to these membership rules will have an approved membership and shall be issued a membership card.
  1. Failure of a member to pay the annual fee will result in the termination of membership.
  1. A membership may be suspended or terminated by Sly Grog’s managerial staff for failure to comply with Sly Grog’s policies.
  1. Any member in good standing, or their bona fide guests, shall be entitled to use the facilities during hours determined and posted by Sly Grog.
  1. Persons in an intoxicated condition will not be allowed to enter or remain in Sly Grog or on Sly Grog’s premises, and no alcoholic beverage sales will be made to intoxicated or underage persons.
  1. Boisterous or indecent conduct will not be allowed in Sly Grog or on Sly Grog’s property, and will be grounds for membership termination.
  1. By completing the membership form and paying your membership fee of $1, you will be granted a full membership to Sly Grog.
  1. Other rules and regulations governing membership may be promulgated by the managerial staff, after posting notice at Sly Grog.
  1. Reading, playing, laughing, singing, talking and having fun are allowed!

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