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26 May 2016 | Free

Psychedelic Instrumental Electronic Music


The Fabulous Miss Wendy, The Infamous Sugar, Future West

27 May 2016 | Free

For Hollywood-based rocker The Fabulous Miss Wendy, comparison to iconic female musicians is nothing new: Hollywood’s punk rock princess, The Fabulous Miss Wendy is already “the sexiest rock star ever,” according to  “Revolver Magazine”. Wendy has come a long way…


Period Bomb, Divide and Dissolve, Nermal

28 May 2016 | Free

Period Bomb are a buncha gorey mutant babies trying to be pop stars while not adhering to any social standards whatsoever and screaming way too much. Divide and Dissolve are a disquieting experimental drone outfit from Melbourne, Australia http://www.periodbomb.com/ http://divideanddissolve.bandcamp.com/releases


Obsideoneye, Idle Pilot, The Mudbottoms

30 May 2016 | Free

OBSiDEONEYE: Asheville, North Carolina Idle Pilot: usually loud but also sometimes quiet post-whatever three piece out of lowell, massachusetts.


Kamber // Seers // Kingdoms & Classes

3 June 2016 | Free

kambermusic.com KAMBER began playing their unique style of alternative rock in Nashville in 2012. Although the group derives its name from lead vocalist and pianist Kamber Kigin, they present themselves confidently as a rock band, with strong contribution from bandmates…


Rinaldi Flying Circus, Elemeno

4 June 2016 | Free

Rinaldi Flying Circus is an indie-blues rock band out of Greensboro, NC. Lead singer Stacey Rinaldi's empowered vocals stir memories of Etta James and Grace Slick, flowing over an eclectic blend of indie blues and jazz-rock, with a dash of…


Andrew Tufano

8 June 2016 | $8.00

An unwavering dedication to the do-it-yourself work ethic is the signature of performing songwriter Andrew Tufano. It didn’t take long for the acoustic artist to develop his quirky stage persona through the use of a loop pedal, intricate acoustic guitar…


Love Cop

11 June 2016 | Free

hood goth/psychiatric rock/weird pop Duffy Rongiiland (guitars/vocals) & Chill Phil (vocals/synth) with J.P. Rebello (bass) New York