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Comrade Ringo, Gomec, Blaxix, Saz FCR, Jameson Cooper

6 May 2016 | Free

Comrade Ringo is a musician from Anderson, SC with a unique brand of instrumental electronic dance music. Affectionately dubbed Prog-EDM, her music fuses modern EDM, beat scene, and drone with elements of electronica inspired by classics such as Kraftwerk and Devo  …


ODD 22

7 May 2016 | Free

appalachian street music



12 May 2016 | Free

Hear that flow. Taste that sugar. Pass that Syrrup. Memphis, TN http://passthesyrrup.bandcamp.com/



13 May 2016 | Free

psychedelic flower punk dream pop.  +grungey doom. grrrl power!


Snayl, Jorts

16 May 2016 | Free

Music for daydreams www.soundcloud.com/snailtrail6


Vishnu Basement, Morbids, Kortriba, Tim the Woodman

19 May 2016 | Free

Vishnu Basement is a four-piece group that, similarly to Tera Melos and Don Caballero, uses multi-faceted sonic textures to create music that is “powerful and yet delightfully articulate, mixing heavy rhythms with airy retreats”. The band was formed in early 2012 by…


Andrew Tufano

8 June 2016 | $8.00

An unwavering dedication to the do-it-yourself work ethic is the signature of performing songwriter Andrew Tufano. It didn’t take long for the acoustic artist to develop his quirky stage persona through the use of a loop pedal, intricate acoustic guitar…